Anna da Silva

freelance writing, research, and teaching consultant



*  Survey and questionnaire design (Survey Monkey)

*  Statistical analysis (SPSS)

*  Network  analysis (Pajek)  

*  Content analysis

*  Health Economics and Outcomes Research

​*  Program evaluation

*  PDF results, tables, graphs, and executive summary

AIDS Administration, MD Department of Health  -- designed and executed a comparative study                       evaluating state-wide AIDS case management initiatives and furnished                                                   recommendations for program improvement 

*  University of Maryland, Baltimore County  -- carried out statistical analysis for a NIDA grant                           study exploring links between interpersonal violence, drug use, and health risks

*  Montebello Rehabilitation Hospital  -- designed questionnaires, conducted interviews, and                             carried out data analysis for the hospital-commissioned study aimed at improving                             health-related outcomes for post-acute care patients